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Habitué des studios d'enregistrement PMC est une marque anglaise qui fabrique des Haut-parleurs de haute précision, grâce aux avantages phénoménaux de sa technologie de la Ligne de transmission avancée (ATL), ont obtiens une meilleure résolution, une distorsion réduite, même une réponse en fréquences plus grande et les basses sont mieux articulées.

L'image sonore est englobante et vive.

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Le prix indiqué est pour deux haut-parleurs

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INFORMATION IMPORTANTE: Nous avons une paire de PMC fact 8 couleur "Tiger Boony" qui est le modèle d'exposition a un prix exceptionnel de CHF 6'690.-- la paire. En bon État ! Possibilité d'écouter les haut-parleurs à notre magasin.

Pour une nouvelle commande auprès de notre importateur le prix sera de CHF 8'990.-- la paire.


  • Frequency: 1,7 KHz
  • Dimensions: H 1030 mm + 25 mm spikes, W 155 mm + 80 mm ingot feet, D 380 mm + 23 mm Ag terminal
  • Drive units: 2x fact 140mm precision driver, 1x fact 19mm high-res SONOMEX soft dome ferro-fluide cooled with 34mm wide surround
  • Effective ATL Length 3m
  • Frequency response: 28Hz - 30 KHz
  • Impédance: 8 Ohms
  • Input connectors: 2 pairs 4mm PMC Ag terminals (bi-wire or bi-amp)
  • Sensitivity: 89 dB 1W at 1m
  • Weight: 20.0 kg

Témoiniages de clients (en anglais)

Customer Reviews

"After only two hours playing new from the box, they already amaze me! Wonder how they sound when they have been "played in"."
Mr E, Arnhem
"Best tower speaker switch I ever made. Great detail, soundstage and transparency and works great in my 4,5 x 5,5m room. fits perfectly to my naim electronics. also since my space is limited and i cannot get them far away from my rear wall so ATL and its narrow width have influenced my decision significantly. highly recommendable!"
Mr M, Vienna
"Have my fact 8 for four days and it brought me happiness, satisfaction and a lot of good music. The sound is accurate, natural and with lots of details which are so rich and realistic. Back home, the base is stronger, firmer and more punchier than I experienced at the dealer's studio when I compared with twenty 26 side by side. Overall, fact 8 gives a very "expensive" sound especially in the high and mid tone. Finally, the look is absolutely first class, modern and with a touch of sophistication. Fact 8 is one of my life time best buys so far with great value for money in a very competitive market. Thank you."
Mr A, Pokfulam
"More than satisfied with the sound of my PMC's. I've had the Fact3 but the Fact8 takes it to a next level. Wonderful."
Mr E, Veendam
"The Fact 8 speakers are simply amazing. They just seem to disappear when playing music. Every disc now sounds like a gig is happening in the room."
Mr A, Hove
"Brilliant speakers, beautifully made, sounding fantastic (and that's after the first hour of listening to them). They are astonishingly good, and I am delighted with them."
Mr P, Canterbury

PMC Product Awards

Of course, you'd expect us to blow the PMC trumpet here on our own web site — did we mention we're one of the few audio equipment manufacturers to have won an Emmy for our contributions to recording technology? — but we're certainly not the only ones impressed by our products, as you can see below. PMC has been the proud recipient of many awards over the years from all of the most respected publications in the professional audio and hi-fi markets. A representative selection is shown below.


"Overture of New Generation"
"twenty.23展現出健康的口形大 小,不會縮得太細,同時有明確焦點,令嘴唇開合動作變得 清楚。水分與厚度剛好,所謂的「剛好」,就是自然、像 真,喉底聲質感強而清晰,但沒有刻意突顯的感覺"


We are pleased to announce that our new QB1-A main monitor has been named as one of NewBay Media's first annual 'Innovative Product Award' winners.


PMC's twotwo.8 has been awarded Best Monitor by the highly respected pro audio magazine Resolution


"Nothing has managed to beat these highly impressive speakers. If maximum detail retrieval and top-class agility are your thing, these are the ones to go for."


 "Just a little unusual in engineering terms, but the sound that this premium priced standmounter serves up is quite extraordinary.


"Hugely impressive scale and authority for their size"


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