Vu+ Zero, SAT Tuner 1x DVB-S2

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Affordable DVB-S2 HD Zapper

There was one goal in developing ZERO from the beginning. Let’s make something more affordable to please more Vu+ fans. As the name suggests, the end user price of ZERO is remarkably competitive while maintaining the performance and philosophy of Vu+ products. Zero is the most affordable DVB-S2 HD Zapper of Vu+ ever.

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Largeur (cm)16
Hauteur (cm)3
Profondeur (cm)14.5
USB2x USB 2.0
HDMI outoui

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Powerful Features

It was certainly a challenging task to increase the affordability while not losing the performance that Vu+ pursues. So, ZERO comes with a 2000 DMIPS CPU powerful enough to support all demanding multimedia functions. Despite of its compact and slim design, all important connectors are nicely equipped as below:

Slim & Elegant Design

ZERO characterizes the design philosophy of Vu+. Its elegant external design is stunningly standing out among those monotonous and tasteless set top boxes in the market. ZERO’s beauty deserves to be placed right next to your TV. ZERO comes in black and white.

An Ideal Solution as a 2nd Vu+ Set Top Box

ZERO is a smart choice for those using HDD integrated Vu+ models like SOLO2 and DUO2. Let’s assume you use ZERO in your room. Once connected in your home network, you can play multimedia contents stored in DUO2 or SOLO2 in the living room. ZERO is definitely the most ideal solution for your second set top box.

  • Features & Functions

CPU (MHz)2x1300333*2x13002x1300742
RAM (MB)204825610241024512
Flash (MB)1024128256256256
DVB2 X S2/C/T2
Up to 4 tuners supported
1 X S22 X S21 X S2/C/T/T21 X (S2)
3D TVYesYesYesYesYes
Common Interface2211No
Smart card21211
USB3 x 2.02 x 2.03 x 2.02 x 2.02 X 2.0
Gigabit + WiFi 802.11n(up to 300Mbps)100Gigabit100100
HDD2.5/3.5 inNo2.5 inNoNo
Display3.2" TFT LCD (262,000 Color/16 bit)NoVFDStatus LEDStatus LED
Other connectors Digital Audio:S/PDIF,
Analogue Audio:Right & Left (Cinch x 2),
Analogue Video:Component Video (YPbPr),Composite Video (Cinch x 1 )
 1 x YPrPb Digital Audio : S/PDIF,
Analogue Audio : Right & Left(Cinch x 2) Composite Video (Cinch x 1 )
Composite Video & Analog Audio (Stereo Jack X 1)


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