Liste de produits par fabricant Cyrus

Produits HiFi haut de gamme

An analogy… Brilliant hi-fi is like a beautifully clean window – with no dirt, smudges or scratches.  Great hi-fi provides a level of engagement and connection that is completely pure – free from any artefacts that mask the original recording. Lesser audio products, whilst they serve a similar function, are full of acoustic smears that mask detail.

By creating the cleanest window on the recording possible, we bring listeners much closer to that place, that moment of pure genius when the track was laid down – and so build the ‘experience’ to a standard which is worthy of the Cyrus name.

There are many choices an engineer makes in the design of a product. The smallest details in circuit layout, in component quality and even manufacturing process can have a profound effect on the end result. We build, test, experiment, create and redefine technology.

Résultats 1 - 5 sur 5.
Résultats 1 - 5 sur 5.